SX-70 Polaroids, NYC

A few years ago, The Impossible Project revived the manufacturing of film packs for the venerable Polaroid SX-70. While visiting Heather in New York, I picked some up some TZ Artistic film at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. Here are some of the shots from the first pack. Caught a shot from the Brooklyn Bridge of Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower in Lower Manhattan, then only about half-skinned with its rippling stainless steel.

One could argue that filters like Instagram actually make better looking Poloroid-style effects than the real thing, but dusting off the old SX-70 and running some of this new film through it the old way was fun. The only disappointment: I don't think the contrast and color intensity is anywhere close to the original Polaroid film packs--at least not with the batches I used. The images in this post are pushed slightly in color intensity post-scanning.

Scott BirdsallComment