Feeding America mascot design

The San Diego branch of Feeding America is initiating a number of new branding and promotional initiatives to further the organization's goals of providing access to nutrition to individuals and families in the community who are food-insecure. We are currently developing their new website.

In the meantime, we were asked to create a mascot for the organization, to be used in various communications to clients and partner agencies. Children play a big part in Feeding America's operations, both as beneficiaries and participants in food drive activities, so the approach needed to be fun and kid-friendly. 

Our initial design directions eventually grew into a family of mascot elements, representing food and the distribution process. Named Weelz and the Nutrition Crew (or The Nu Crew for short), the mascot characters offer flexibility of use, as they can be portrayed separately or together.

Client: Feeding America, San Diego, California

Services: Mascot strategy and design